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A home is supposed to be a haven where you can kick back and unwind up after a long day at work. However, this won’t happen if you don’t have a solid roof above your head. A faulty roof makes your home inhabitable and prone to various elements such leakages, wild animals, and harmful UV rays among others. While doing repairs on a damaged roof saves you money and solves your problems in the short-term, it might end up being more expensive in the long-run. Rather than conducting several repairs, replacing the entire roof is more preferred in certain circumstances as it fixes all your roofing problems at once and provides long-lasting value.

At Roofing Warner Robins GA, we take pride in our dedicated, honest, and professional team of staff that is steadfast in providing the best roofing services in the Warner Robins area. Using a wide variety of the highest-quality materials, we install strong and durable roofs which complement the value of your home.

Armed with exceptional skills and superior artistry, we provide free estimates which are arrived at after comprehensive inspection of your roof. Our evaluation process is backed by thorough documentation which details every aspect that warrants roof replacement.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

  • A roof that is past its warranty or over 20 years old

While many of the materials used in roofing are designed to stand the test of time, experts agree that they can’t last forever, and they may require to be replaced when your roof is 20 years or older.

  • If other houses in your area are getting their roof replaced

If the neighboring homes are getting new roofs, it could be an impending sign of a roof replacement as most houses built in the same area were built around the same time. Also, your property and those in the surrounding area are exposed to similar environmental and weather conditions.

  • Major structural damage

When your roof incurs significant structural losses due to heavy rains, strong winds, or because a tree falls on it, the most reasonable remedy will be to replace it.

  • Cracks that allow water and daylight through

If you look up and notice that there is some light coming from the roof or find stains and moss growth on the ceiling and walls, this is an indication that some part of your roof has deteriorated.

  • Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the thick materials made of galvanized steel or aluminum placed around the edges, seams or protruding areas of the roof, such as the roof vents and chimneys, to prevent water from finding its way into your house. When flashing become loose or deteriorate due to oxidation or weather, they can cause severe damage to your roofing structure. It is crucial to replace the
deteriorating roof before the damaged flashings wreak havoc on the entire roofing structure

  • Missing and Broken Shingles

Roof replacement can also be done if you observe that a significant amount of your shingles are curling, cracked or missing.

  • Shingle granules and clutter in the gutter

When you find pieces of broken shingles in the gutters when your roof is new, there might be nothing to worry about, but when this happens to a 10-15-year-old roof, it is a sign of a bigger problem that needs to be solved.

Long-Term Investment

While a roof replacement is not suited for small damages, it is a worthy investment for the major ones. Not only does it add stability to your home, but it also improves the aesthetics, extends its life-span, and enhances its performance.

Roof replacement is also ranked among the top remodeling projects that offer an excellent return on investment to those planning to sell their houses in future. A sturdy and leak-free roof will attract more bidders once you place your property on the market. And unlike repairs which need to be re-done after a few months or years, roof replacement is a one-time thing that will be repeated only after many years, and thus the latter is more affordable than the former in the long run.

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Although it is hard to know if your roof needs an overhaul since it is not something you monitor every day, detecting damages early enough can save you some bucks in the long run. Whether it is mold building up on the ceiling, light coming from the roof or broken shingles clogging the gutters, Roofing Warner Robins GA will provide a free inspection, and provide you with solid reasons as to why your roof needs replacement.

We have vast knowledge in all the intricacies that relate to roofing, and by combining the talents, expertise, and professionalism of our team of staff, we provide quality roofing services in Warner Robins GA.