How To Protect Your Gutters In The Winter Time

Here at Roofing Warner Robins GA, we understand just how important it is to protect your rain gutters and keep them clean and in good condition during the cold winter months. The gutters on your roof aren’t just there for show, they are there to help direct and control water as it flows off of your roof. Without rain gutters, your home would have water seep into it which can cause mold, damage to your lawn, damage to your roof, and even damage to the foundation of your home. If you neglect your gutters during the winter months you can run into all kinds of trouble. One of the most serious issues you may have is what is known as an ice dam. An ice dam forms when there is a blockage in your gutters that traps water behind it. When temperatures drop below freezing that water forms an ice dam. Ice dams can force water under your shingles damaging your roof, and they can also cause your gutters to collapse from the strain.

Protect Your Gutters By Keeping Them Clear Of Debris

The number one most important thing you can do to keep your gutters in great shape is to keep them clean and free of debris. How does debris build-up damage rain gutters? First, the gutters on your home were never designed to support the additional weigh that a lot of debris adds to them. If the debris levels in your gutters get too high, your gutters will sag and ultimately collapse. Debris will also lead to ice dams during winter months when there is moderate to significant rain or snowfall. Debris traps water in place, and when temperatures drop below freezing you are left with an ice dam, which as you know, can be very damaging to your home.

Ensure That Your Gutters Are Properly Sloped

Rain gutters do an amazing job of funneling water away from your home, using a very simple design. But, in order for that simple design to function properly, the gutters need to be installed with sufficient slope. Gutters rely on gravity to move water along them, so you need to ensure that they are sloped properly if you don’t then water will likely sit in them, where it can cause damage. It’s also important to have downspouts installed as a part of your gutter system. What are downspouts? They are extensions that attach to your gutters that help direct water away from your home, which helps to prevent water damage.
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Install Gutter Guards

Rain gutters get debris trapped in them. It’s pretty much unavoidable. Unless of course, you have the foresight to have gutter guards installed. What are gutter guards? Gutter guards are various types of additions to gutters that are designed to help keep debris from getting trapped in them. Depending on the type of gutter guard you decide to have installed, they can actually be incredibly effective. If you aren’t sure what type of gutter guards to have installed, then your best bet is to contact a professional to get their advice.

Install Gutter Heating Cables

Many people make the mistake of waiting until there is a problem before they decide to do anything about it. Well, this is definitely the wrong approach, especially when you are talking about your home. If you already have an ice dam then you need to have it removed. But, if your gutters are still in good condition, installing gutter heating cables can help to keep them that way. Gutter heating cables are extremely effective at preventing ice from forming in your rain gutters. If you are concerned that they are going to end up raising your electric bill a lot, you can always install thermostatic control to help alleviate these concerns.

Improve Your Home’s Attic Insulation

Did you know that with improper insulation the heat from your home can actually pass through your attic, melt the ice on the roof of your home, which can cause it to melt and then get trapped in your gutters? Well, if you didn’t, then you do now. First of all, without sufficient insulation in your attic, your heating bill is going to be much higher than it should be. So, not only are you increasing the risk of damage to your gutters, but you are also causing your heating bill to skyrocket. By simply adding more insulation and space ventilation you an prevent this from happening.
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Inspect Your Gutters For Structural Damage Regularly

Whether you have gutter guards or not, it’s essential that you inspect your gutters for signs of damage on a regular basis. You should be looking for staining, cracks, rotting and water damage. While it’s never fun to find gutter damage that needs to be repaired, it’s even worse to discover that you had gutter damage that led to significant damage to your home. Gutter damage allows water to seep into your home, which can cause basement leaking, foundation damage, and toxic black mold problems. While inspecting your gutters yourself is a good idea, it’s an even better idea to have a professional roofing contractor do it for you.

Rain Gutters Are Important So Treat Them Well

During the cold winter months, it is especially important that you take the time to ensure that your rain gutters are properly cleaned and cared for. Most importantly, you need to keep them clear of debris to avoid having an ice dam form, which can lead to serious problems. How can you ensure your gutters are kept in great condition during harsh winter weather? You can start by ensuring that you inspect them regularly to ensure they don’t have debris built up in them. If you want to take things a step further you can also install gutter guards to protect them.
What else can you do to protect your gutters? Well, you can ensure that they are installed properly and have sufficient slope to keep water flowing. You should also strongly consider installing heating cables to keep water from turning into ice, which can lead to the formation of an ice dam. If you are looking for the help of an expert to clean, install, or service your rain gutters, then Roofing Warner Robins GA can help.

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